Cara Mengatur Tujuan Hidup di 2017

Hmmm fiuuhh, gak terasa yah sekarang udah masuk bulan desember dan tanggal 31 aja, saatnya kita atur strategi nih tentang apa-apa aja yang akan kita lakukan pada tahun 2017 nanti.

nah sebelum itu, bagaimana dengan resolusi taun 2016 ini? apa sudah ada goals yang tercapai? atau masih ada yang tertunda? hmm jangan khawatir, biarkan lah yang sudah berlalu biar berlalu ^_^ saatnya kita maju ke depan untuk menatap hidup lebih hebat lagi.

Cara Mengatur tujuan hidup di 2017

nah kali ini kita akan bahas tentang tujuan hidup di 2017, bagaimana cara membuat tujuan hidup? disarankan untuk membaca buku 4 hour work week karangan timothy ferris, sangat menarik sekali pembahasan di sana. Apakah goal kamu untuk diet mudah dan aman atau mencegah penyakit berbahaya cari tau sekarang juga

Berikut tulisan dari Bramantya Farid tentang intisari 4 hour work wekk:

Cara Mengatur Tujuan Hidup di 2017






  • Don’t defer your dream activities to old age retirement.
  • Instead, eliminate waste from your life. And create a lifestyle business that works on auto-pilot to fund mini-retirements where you do your dream activities.
  • How: the DEAL process (entrepreneur) or DELA (employee):
DEFINE your dream lifestyle goals. How? By the “Dreamlining” process:
  1. Define 6-&12- month goals.
  2. 5 goals in each of these 3 categories: Being, doing and having.
  3. Redefine each goal as a “doing”.
  4. Select your top 5 goals.
  5. Put a cost against each of these goals.
  6. Break down cost to monthly cashflow= your Target Monthly Income (TMI). This is your income goal for your “muse” business.
  1. Do an 80/20 analysis of current (business) activities/people (inc clients).
  2. Determine which 20% produce 80% of problems. Eliminate these.
  3. Ditto time wasting people/activities.
  4. ID 20% that produce 80% of desired results. Prioritise these.
  5. Make your time usage more productive by limiting time available for each task or set of tasks (Parkinson’s Law).
  6. For repetitive/routine tasks, batch them. Eg check emails only 2X per day at set times.
  1. Identify a market for goods/services. Preferably one you belong to yourself.
  2. Check if market has a magazine with readership>15,000 & affordable ads.
  3. Brainstorm products/services for this market.
  4. Dry Test market using simple website and Google Adwords or eBay.
  5. If there is a strong demand, roll out business.
  1. Identify tasks which could be done by someone else or by technology.
  2. Where possible automate these using technology. Eg email filtering with spam filters etc.
  3. Otherwise delegate. Often using a VA.
  4. have VAs & all other employees/subcontractors document all the processes they go through to achieve certain tasks or goals.
  5. Create a FAQ page based on early customer questions.
  6. As demand grows and volume if product shipped grows, begin to use beginning-to-end fulfilment houses that will go through the whole product creation-packaging-storing-shipping process.
  1. Delegate more and more responsibility to your business’s employees/contractors.
  2. Start small and measure cost of problems/lost sales etc.
  3. Aim: eliminate yourself as a decision-making bottleneck.
  4. Test and track results to give clear guidance on whether something works and how well it works.
  5. But…in order to achieve big good things, be willing to let small bad things happen.
  6. Eventually Set up a complete system of systems between your business and supplier businesses (including manufacturing, banking, website etc.) .
  7. Keep Re-engineering your business if needed until you are barely needed for it to run.
  8. Aim: 4 hours per week of your time needed, as per the title.
  9. Review your Dreamlining goals.
  10. Set 3-month or shorter goals.
  11. Set immediately actionable steps for today, tomorrow, next day.
  12. Implement action steps to pursue your Dream goals!

Menarik sekali kan? ayuk sekarang mulai cari lah apa tujuan mu di 2017 nanti? nah sebagai renungan akhir taun, cobalah evaluasi setidaknya tiga hal:

  1. income
  2. knowledge
  3. network

apakah dari ketiga hal tersebut di atas ada perubahan di bandung tahun tahun sebelumnya? dan apa goal kamu untuk tiga hal tersebut di tahun depan?

selamat tahun baru !